Meet Nvoi customers transforming the way they work

Meey Aubrey, Mobecom

“Wow - they did it! They enabled us to fill a key finance role within 24 hours after receiving a resignation. With Nvoi's on demand platform, we identified four quality and available candidates, immediately commenced interviewing, and offered the role to the most suitable candidate on the spot. Continuity of work ensured no missed deadlines. Great job Nvoi.”

Meet Chloe, Graphic Designer

“Ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through art and design. Becoming a Graphic Designer was a no brainer when it came to choosing my career path. Being able to demonstrate my creativity on a daily basis while earning a living sounded like a dream! Having the flexibility to work from home or anywhere in the world is also a great advantage and now that I’m a mother, achieving a healthy work/life balance is important. Through platforms such as Nvoi, I’m able to control how many hours I wish to work each week and select projects that best fit my interests, skills and lifestyle.”

Meet Matthew, Seventyfour Design

"Nvoi is intuitive and easy to use. It's great that there is such a platform here in Australia! I much prefer to support local talent. It is good to know that when required I can meet up and discuss a project. Also being a small business means that I can scale according to the work we have on.”

Meet Rosie, Graphic Designer

“After leaving my full-time position as a graphic designer at an agency, I dived head first into freelance work and becoming my own boss. Nvoi has taken the stress out of looking for clients with an amazing network of companies and potential clients who are keen to work with fresh talent. You set your own rates and call the shots on how many hours you wish to work and the type of projects you would like to take on. Nvoi is awesome for anyone who seeks flexibility, mobility, and freedom in their work life.”

Meet Ivo, Art Director

"For me, the Nvoi platform represents the future of freelance working. Flexible, stress free, and completely transparent for both the client and myself.”


Meet Gavan, CEO Ambercite

“A really clean easy way to find, engage and administer talent,…. ideal for start-ups like ours.”

Meet Ricardo, Experienced Marketing Manager

The job market is constantly evolving, Nvoi was an effective and powerful tool to find the right job that matched my current needs. Having a baby at home is demanding, Nvoi provided the flexibility to work from home and support my family.


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