Key Dates

October 2017: Release of Nvoi Platform into Brisbane skills economy.

September 2017: 300th Job posted.

September 2017: Platform registered users surpasses 14,000.

July 2017: Candidates "Ready for Hire" surpasses 3,000.

June 2017: 1st Blue Chip Customer.

March 2017: Platform registered users surpasses 10,000.

February 2017: Successful Completion of Security Penetration Test.

January 2017: Completion of the first phase of Nvoi’s platform release.

September 2016: Release of Nvoi Platform in Sydney and Melbourne skills economies.

July 2016: Nvoi (backdoor) listing on ASX (listing code NVO).

June 2016: Successful completion of $8,000,000 public offering.

December 2015: Company executed a PSA that, subject to shareholder approval, would result in 100% acquisition of Nvoi.

January 2014: Nvoi incorporated to develop and test the Platform.

September 2013: Co-Founders come together and Nvoi vision established.

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