Our Vision


Our vision is to enable skilled professionals and organizations to adapt to the rapidly changing process and structure of traditional work arrangements, and the advent of the skills economy, by using technology and software to rewire the way we work.

About Us

The way we work is changing, with growth in the global contingent workforce expected to increase from 30% of the workforce or 975 million workers in 2015, to 50% of the workforce, or 1.75 billion in 2020. The figures for the Australian workforce show growth from 11% or 1.3 million workers in 2015 to 25% of the workforce or 3.2 million workers in 2020. This is the era of the skills economy, where skills are the new currency.

Nvoi provides an on-demand skills exchange that directly connects skilled professionals with the hiring managers who need their skills. The current recruitment methods are outdated and cannot meet the needs of these changing times, with the average amount of time taken to fill a vacancy increasing over the last 5 years, up to an average of 68 days. Nvoi reduces this time down to hours with a platform that is easy to use, performance based, available 24/7 and eliminating the pain of the recruitment process.

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